family · Soul thoughts

That’s not working.

When it comes to parenting, days, weeks and even months can pass ineffectively executing some tactic or technique of education, or behavioral correction, with no manifestation of change in our child.

Why? Why are we so slow to consider it might be our misguidance, misinformation, misalignment that perpetuates our child’s rut?

On my home front, in the past I spent way more time asking myself, “how is she doing with _______?” when I should have been asking more, “how is she responding to the guidance, words, instruction, corrections, or suggestions I’m offering?”

As soon as I started asking the later, I realized how out of step I was on some things. No wonder she wasn’t getting it!

The next natural question was, “what might I do differently that could help her overcome this?”


Disclaimer: These questions are not the cure-all, but it surely accelerated things toward growth in our world. Best wishes with it! 

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