Just for the heck of it · Soul thoughts

Did I just say that?

I meant well, but I made a careless comment about wanting a friend to attend a baby shower so she could help with games. (I thought she would rock out the games whereas I am about a 1 on a scale of 0-10 on game prep for festive occasions.)

This would have all been fine except she’s a friend currently without kids and it didn’t even cross my mind that a baby shower might be the last place on earth she’d want to find herself.

Here’s when you know you have a real friend.

They tell you you’re off your rocker and they don’t want to be near a baby shower at this point in their life.

Right there. Right then. Straight up.

She didn’t go a sulk in my thoughtless comment and get bitter, she just said what she felt. Right there. Right then. Straight up.

Hope you have a friend as real and honest as this. They’re hard to find and very worth keeping. xoxo

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