Visualize the good

If you can visualize the bad, you can visualize the good.

A lot of us spend our days picturing the worst outcome…

  • What if I get out the door late to work on Monday morning
  • What if I get stuck in traffic on the way to pick up my kid from daycare
  • What if I spill coffee on my shirt
  • What if I don’t complete this project by the deadline

Add yours to the list.

We could just as easily picture the good of all of these though…

  • I’ll get out the door to make it in perfect time to the office
  • Traffic will buzz right along while I go to get Suzie from daycare
  • I’m such a meticulous eater
  • I’m going to get this project done well before the deadline

It takes the same effort to imagine the good as it does the bad. I wonder if we’d have better outcomes if we spent more time on the good though. I think we might.

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