Sometimes you just need a hug

My dog is a large 90lb bloodhound.

Read anything about bloodhounds and you know they are a breed that needs hugs. They’re kind of smashing-into-you-hug, but it’s their way of being reassured of your love.

Last night I was sitting at the kitchen table and he nudged me to turn toward him. He promptly put both paws on my lap and all but climbed onto my lap. Apparently, he needed a hug.

Animals and kids are unabashed in their need to have their love tank filled. They make sure it happens. However, a change happens on the way to adulthood and we decide it’s embarrassing to have needs around love. We feel the need, want the love, want the hug, and pull back out of fear. It’s sad.

The next time you feel a need for love, go get it. If you want a hug, go hug someone, or ask for a hug.

Let’s be a little more like kids and bloodhound puppies when it comes to hugs.

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