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Emotionally Intelligent.

The longer I live the more I realize how few people are emotionally intelligent.

Emotionally driven, emotionally charged – most people. Emotionally intelligent – few and far between.

People think they’re emotionally intelligent, but when I’ve seen them during intense times, crucible moments and high emotion circumstances, they’re 100% emotionally responsive.

Next time you’re in a high-emotion situation, see if you can have full presence of what everyone might be thinking and feeling in the circumstance and communicate objectively.  

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Recharging regardless

I’m an ambivert, both introverted and extraverted. When it comes to recharging, I need quiet time away from people and crowds. It has taken me years to find a balance and longer still to know how to maintain this delicate balance.

Recently I was in need of quiet time and blocked time off for it. All was good until…

Until people in our life have unexpected and urgent needs and sometimes we suck it up for another day, or two, or ten and realize that helping them sort their junk is more necessary than getting all the recharge we need.

I hope you know what you need to maintain the best you. I hope you figure out how to recharge when life is easy and your schedule is in your control, and when days are crazy and time and people aren’t in your control. 

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Be where you are

Be where you are.

The older I get the more I realize the profound impact of this.

The past beckons us to cogitate, regret, berate, and stew on what could have been if only, while focus on the future often creates anxiety, worry and nervous energy about what if.

Being present mitigates all of those emotions because being with the exact moment doesn’t hold those emotions. It just IS.

How many present moments do we rob of their fullness because we linger in the past or  push for the future? 

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“We need cheerleaders!”

I received this text message and loved it. I loved it. It was the added emphasis from a conversation the day before when my friend mentioned that we needed cheerleaders on our collaborative project.

Only a day before I had mentioned in another conversation that I deeply appreciate people who are supportive and encouraging. They don’t have to be on the exact journey, they don’t have to know what I know, they don’t have to be my teammate, co-worker, advisor or mentor. Just BEING who they are and cheering me on my journey is such a gift.

Which reminds me. Who needs you as a cheerleader? Do one of your kids need you to be an extra excitable cheerleader for them today? Spouse? Friends? Co-workers?

We have a shortage of cheerleaders in the world and it’s something we’re all capable of!

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Crank up the intensity

All it takes is a decision if you want to crank up the intensity in any area of your life; health, relationships, job etc.

Saturday morning I decided to increase the intensity of my workouts. That’s it. Just a decision.

That decision came because I wasn’t happy with my workouts anymore. What aren’t you happy with anymore? What needs to be amped up?

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Look at yourself first

If you see things happening around you that you don’t like, whether with your spouse, kids, co-workers or teammates, look first at self.

We impact the people around us. A lot.

If you don’t like the words your kids use or the attitude of your team members – look at your own words and attitudes. Usually, we’re displaying the exact behavior we despise in others.

I know you want to push off that last statement. Don’t. Brave the truth.

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Long car rides

I recently took a long road trip with my three-year-old – about 15 hours. While we broke it up into two days, by the last hour of each, I was solidly ready to be done driving/sitting.

I brought a couple stuffed animals, a few figurines, and a book on the trip for my daughter to fluff around with in the backseat. Not sure how I thought that would take up 15 hours, but it did. We talked and laughed and told stories and ate snacks and sang and somehow the minutes turned to hours and we arrived at our destinations.

Sometimes when we start off on a long journey, it’s hard to see how we’ll end up at that big dream/goal we’re headed for. Quite simply, it’s one minute, one hour, one day at a time. It’s one conversation, one story, a laugh, a snack and one song at a time. Don’t forget that. Be present and enjoy each moment. The journey IS the destination on most journeys.