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Emotionally Intelligent.

The longer I live the more I realize how few people are emotionally intelligent.

Emotionally driven, emotionally charged – most people. Emotionally intelligent – few and far between.

People think they’re emotionally intelligent, but when I’ve seen them during intense times, crucible moments and high emotion circumstances, they’re 100% emotionally responsive.

Next time you’re in a high-emotion situation, see if you can have full presence of what everyone might be thinking and feeling in the circumstance and communicate objectively.  

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Look at yourself first

If you see things happening around you that you don’t like, whether with your spouse, kids, co-workers or teammates, look first at self.

We impact the people around us. A lot.

If you don’t like the words your kids use or the attitude of your team members – look at your own words and attitudes. Usually, we’re displaying the exact behavior we despise in others.

I know you want to push off that last statement. Don’t. Brave the truth.

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Who has your dream job?

Does someone have your dream job?

Who is it?

What strengths and characteristics do they exude?

How can you grow in those areas yourself, to increase the likelihood you’ll have that dream job?

What are you doing today to get that dream job?

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That Goofy Ego

I went to a conference recently and on the way home I was going through a list of things I wanted to implement from the talking points.

I heard myself say, “that works for him, but I’m going to need to change it such and so and then I think that will work great for me.”


It’s absolutely incredible how we can listen to someone with a decade of EXPERTISE on a matter – literally the best on the face of the earth – and walk away and decide we know better. I did it!

Thankfully, I caught myself and decided to do it his way first until there was conclusive evidence that it was terrible for my life, but seriously, it was that simple for me to override his decades of experience, wisdom, and research because of, well, probably my ego.

Be careful. We miss out on a lot because of that goofy ego of ours.

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Meet great people

Being an ambivert, both introverted and extroverted, I’ve vacillated between periods of extensive outreach/networking and hibernation. As any true ambivert would testify, both are good and healthy. 😉

Whatever state I’m in, if I meet a great person, I never regret it.

People are a treasure, an investment. We would all do well to meet a stranger in the next week to expand our understanding of the world.

Get to it!

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Challenged and Victorious!

This past week was challenging and it made me grateful for the years of dedication to growing myself as a person.

Day by day, week by week, maybe even month by month, our personal growth might not be that noticeable. Incremental change day after day doesn’t look like much in the short term, but year by year we can look back at ourselves and see the leaps and bounds we’ve made.

Someone might ask if I was stressed this week. No, not really. But THAT is just it. Six months ago I would have flown off the handle several times. A year or two ago I would have lost my marbles completely. This past week I got a lot of practice keeping stress out of my veins. (And doesn’t it just feel like it’s in our veins when it gets in?!) And I DID keep it out!

I know how to identify triggers that set me off.
I know how to identify how I feel in my body.
I know how to sort through feelings.
I know how to kindly dismiss feelings after I’ve learned from them.
I know how to take care of myself during times of distress, discouragement, confusion, stress, frustration, disappointment, etc.
I know how to redirect my thoughts.
I know how to regain perspective on life when things get wonky.

Will I remember to deploy these things all the time and come out a stress-less victor? Nope, but I’m getting better every day.

I hope you are too. ❤

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“Whatever works.”

I heard someone use this phrase recently.

It’s such a complacent statement (in one sense).

I’m more keen on the idea of whatever is terrific! Whatever is efficient! Whatever is effective! Whatever is helpful!

Whatever works? Ugh. Is that our standard nowadays?