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Crank up the intensity

All it takes is a decision if you want to crank up the intensity in any area of your life; health, relationships, job etc.

Saturday morning I decided to increase the intensity of my workouts. That’s it. Just a decision.

That decision came because I wasn’t happy with my workouts anymore. What aren’t you happy with anymore? What needs to be amped up?

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“Whatever works, right?”

I was in the locker room at my gym and it was peak Silver Sneaker hour.

The women were rocking their typical hen clucking; stories of their kids, husbands, weddings, medications, aches, and pains, newly discovered lotions and the status of their next haircut.

I was in my own groove and my thoughts came to an abrupt halt when I heard someone say, “whatever works, right?” I understand the context so I’m not cracking down on the use of this phrase in all forms, but what struck me in that moment was that we deviate from what is right, true, good, ideal, desired and better because it “works.”

What’s “working” in your life that could be better, oh so much better?

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My plan or your plan?

I went to the gym today and couldn’t get my head around any workout. Usually self-motivated and directed, I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do at all.

Rather than waste time poking around in the gym, I walked up to one of the trainers and said, “I need an upper body workout. I’ll be back in two minutes for your ideas!” I happily took the trainer’s recommendations.

We are more likely to implement information we are actively seeking.

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Training for life

While at the gym the other day, I noticed a woman who was particularly built. That’s gym talk for she was more than in “good shape.” She looked like she was training for something.

I asked her in the locker room if she was training for anything. “Life,” she said.


Rather than training and gearing up for the next race, project or event, let’s figure out how to integrate the skills into everyday life.

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Weight room talk

There’s a special language shared among those who frequent the weight room.

Small nods of the head and hand gestures accompanied by, “you on this?” “Spot me?”

Never a full sentence.

The weight room is a perfect balance of defending and sharing space.

Everyone is on a similar mission, but few have the same reason for that mission.

It’s a place of community and individuality. Of beauty and grit.

And hopefully you’re blessed to workout in a place where there are all kinds of people, in all shapes and sizes, and all kinds of clothing. It makes the nods, gestures and half sentences that much more amazing.

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Running without extra weight

I went on a run by myself which doesn’t usually happen. On almost every run you will find me pushing a stroller with a babe…probably an extra 45 pounds of weight.

No wonder I felt so light and fast running by myself!

And when we carry around extra emotional weight, it makes our journey that much more difficult. It’s like going out for a run and pushing an extra 45lb down the road.

Go out for a “run” by yourself soon.

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I didn’t remember her name, but she remembered mine.

I hadn’t seen her in 2+ years when I saw her at the gym. She looked familiar. I remembered seeing her before. She was one of the seasoned members of my gym.

“It’s Amy, right?” she said as she walked over to me. “You helped me with my coat a few years ago.”


I helped her put on her coat a few years ago and that little act of kindness stayed with her?!

Folks, this post surely isn’t about Amy bragging about being a do-gooder. I’m the jerk who didn’t remember her name or that moment I fixed her coat that was apparently meaningful to her.

As I looked at Patricia and saw the appreciation in her eyes, I was melted by the reminder that we have the opportunity to leave beautiful impressions on people with very little effort.

Interact with people.
Be kind.
Be helpful.

We have no idea how far a little act of kindness will reach.