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What’s your lazy?

Most of us are lazy. About something.

Maybe you’re lazy about house work or yard work.
Maybe you’re lazy about reading or exercise.
Maybe you’re lazy about being a friend; texting, calling, or socializing.
Maybe you’re lazy about parenting.
Maybe you’re lazy about loving your spouse.
Maybe you’re lazy about making decisions.
Maybe you’re lazy about making dinner.

What’s your lazy?

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Bringing a vacation joy into your home

One of the best things about going on vacation and being in a new place are the realizations that come.

We don’t need to use the same coffee cup every day to enjoy a cup of coffee,
We don’t need all the clothes we have,
We don’t need all the stuff we have around our house,
We don’t miss many of the habits from our normal routine,
Mixing up our workout routine is refreshing,
Conversations about new and different things are rejuvenating…and so much more.

Here’s the key – when you go back home, change something to be more like it was on your vacation.

We take our favorite clothes on vacation. Why not keep only our favorite clothes in our closet?
Why not change things up during our weekly workouts going forward?
Put in effort to create different and new conversations around the house.

My life has significantly improved by bringing a joy of vacation back home with me.

What’s a vacation joy that needs to become part of everyday life?

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Tweak it, baby!

My gym is having their own olympics this summer. They have a list of exercises with associated points. The member who accumulates the most points during the specified dates wins.

I intend to win and asked the admin to let me know if I had anyone hot on my tail.

Shame on me that I wasn’t going as hard as I could at the beginning, but here’s the rest of the story.

I had a nice system worked out. 120 tire flips in 18 minutes. The tire flips are the exercise on the list that yields the highest amount of points in the shortest amount of time.

But could I tweak my technique and increase the amount of flips for the same amount of time? With someone gaining on me, I had to give it a shot.

I inspected the tire, thought about my form, adjusted and ran a test.

200 tire flips in 18 minutes. Nice increase in productivity!

Had I not been motivated by someone and taken time to specifically examine this exercise, I might never have discovered this.

What one thing in your life could you examine and improve today?

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I set January 31st as a checkpoint evaluation day for the goals I set this year. This is the first time I’ve set that checkpoint. I don’t want to stick to the wrong systems to reach my goals for the year for another 11 months if the first month didn’t work well.

I’m so glad I’m going to evaluate and revise things! Some of the brilliant plans I had on December 31st didn’t pan out as I had envisioned.

How are you doing on your goals for 2016? If you’ve already started to dip, set aside a few minutes to set up another approach to get to your goal. You’re not a failure because it’s not working just yet. You’re just finding the right path to the goal. 🙂

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Glancing at goals

I heard a woman on the radio talking about how she approaches goals. “I just want to glance at my goals throughout the year and remember what I wanted to work on.”

If you’re reading this and focused on personal improvement that statement is comical.

People read random articles in junky magazines “just glancing” at them.

This is a feel good way of writing goals down at the beginning of the year, but not a successful way of reaching those goals.

A goal isn’t a goal because it touches paper. It’s a goal because it’s rooted in deep desire and has a strategic plan to accomplish an intended outcome.