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Who is the person you’d run back for?

I’m not talking a burning house or anything desperate like that.

I’m talking about hopping in your car to leave the party and you have to stop the car, run back and hug or kiss that person one more time. I’m talking about getting dropped off at the airport and heading toward the security line only to be overtaken with the burning desire to reconnect immediately with the person who just dropped you off, that you turn around and run back after them.

I hope you have people in your life you’d run back for. If not, get them. At least one.

Once you have them, actually run back for them.

We lose our practicality as adults; it takes too much time, I’ll see them tomorrow, next week, next month. We just hugged. Other people are waiting on me. I’ll look silly. No, I’m fine.

Be ridiculous. Run back after the ones you love if the mood hits you.

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Hum along

Sure, you’ve got great friends. Yes, they’re fun to hang out with.

But you know you’ve got some great pals when you’re in a bind, a pinch, a conundrum, and life still hums along. No one gets in a tizzy, or upset, or blames anyone, and hardly anyone budges from their normal emotional state. Everyone puts energy toward problem solving and solutions.

I like those kinds of teams.

stay cool


Well, that was great practice!

If you’re on the onward-upward plan then today is both game day and practice.

It’s game day because it’s happening and we have a responsibility to bring our best. Show up and hustle like it’s the championship game!

It’s practice because today is training for other things to come.

The second point is often overlooked.

game day

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Learn from you

You know those people you just want to talk with because you know you’re going to be better for having connected?…You’re going to learn something, have a broader perspective, be encouraged, inspired, pensive, more rooted, grounded or clear… 

Yes! Aren’t they wonderful? And we get to have them in our lives! 


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Are you a Phoenix?

Are you familiar with the Greek mythology of the Phoenix?

The phoenix is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. A phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor.

If we find ourselves in a heap, we’ll need to become better, stronger, faster or smarter than we were prior to the heap, in order to rise out of the ashes.



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Against the odds.

“Against the odds.”

I love that phrase. I love what it stands for – achieving things despite all the obstacles and not being likely to succeed.

Here’s to the achievers, the oddballs, the misfits and all the crazies. (I’ll let Steve Jobs take it from here.)



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Smiling face in an SUV

I went on a run while traveling to Colorado recently. I started off with friends and didn’t think two shakes about taking note of their address or any street name along the way. We ended up splitting into two and it wasn’t until my return when I realized I didn’t remember how to get back.

I went with my best guess and headed down a road, hoping it would look familiar and be my jackpot. 1/2 mile later with a dead end, I circled back. Well surely I”m really close and tried again the next road down the block. Same thing – 1/2 mile later with a dead end and I’m circling back. This happened a third time. I had clocked in several miles and was ready for water and food.

I decided to run back to a place where I knew exactly where I was. Either it would trigger the route home or my friends would come get me.

Oh, but isn’t that just like life?

Off on a great run, uncertainty settles in, multiple dead ends, exhaustion, then a smiling face in an SUV pulls up.


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The little boy who gave $3.70 and gave 200 children their first pencil.

A little boy saved his pennies and gave $3.70 to a nonprofit project.

(Let’s stop here and point out that most of us would hesitate to give $5. We feel like we have to give a lot or nothing. Why is that?)

The money the boy provided was used to purchase pencils for 200 children in Ghana. Because he gave $3.70, 200 children held a pencil for the first time in their life.

Why don’t we give $5 again? Is giving more about us than we’d like to admit?pencils