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Are you ready?

Are you getting ready for your big moment or are you still planning on it coming? There’s a big difference.

While on a call with my mentor recently, she said, “Are you ready, Amy? The money will be there, that shouldn’t be a concern at all. You’ve got to BE READY!” Me, my mind, my knowledge, my skills, my character, me. I need to be ready. And I need to be busy about being ready for that now.

Be busy with your goals and dreams as if they’re imminent.

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It happened. It really happened.

My microwave popped an absolutely perfect bag of popcorn leaving no kernel unpopped.

What?? No stray kernels hitting the bottom of my bowl? No. Not one.

This sensor on my microwave is nearly magical in my world now. (Nevermind the fruit that I baked to the point of shriveled and thought I was thawing it a week ago. It has risen to new heights.)

Life isn’t perfect pretty much ever, but when it happens, and every so often you’ll have that perfect moment, take it all in.

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“Whatever works, right?”

I was in the locker room at my gym and it was peak Silver Sneaker hour.

The women were rocking their typical hen clucking; stories of their kids, husbands, weddings, medications, aches, and pains, newly discovered lotions and the status of their next haircut.

I was in my own groove and my thoughts came to an abrupt halt when I heard someone say, “whatever works, right?” I understand the context so I’m not cracking down on the use of this phrase in all forms, but what struck me in that moment was that we deviate from what is right, true, good, ideal, desired and better because it “works.”

What’s “working” in your life that could be better, oh so much better?

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What’s an early morning to you?

I’ve been waking up significantly earlier the last couple of weeks.

As I am breaking through this paradigm of what is early and what’s not, I realize how much of that is something I unknowingly programmed in my mind over the last several years.

4am is only a number. And all the numbers are relative to when I go to bed.

4am isn’t early if I get to bed at 8pm or 9pm. (It’s terribly early if I don’t get to bed until 4am.)

What’s an early morning to you? Where did you come up with that idea?

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Prolonging Christmas

I still have my Christmas tree up.

It’s a Win-Tree now. (As in “Winter tree.”)

My living room looks so lovely with the lights of the Christmas tree and I haven’t wanted to take it down. Hello, I live in the northeast and sunshine is a bit sparse this time of year.

Someone asked if it was going to become a Valentine’s Day tree. Uh, nope. Just sticking with the Win-Tree.

For how much we all gear up and adore Christmas decorations and festivities, I’m truly surprised at how quickly it disappears with the word January.

Maybe it’s all a bit gluttonous and that’s our turnoff. We overindulge in, well, everything around the holidays, and can’t handle the thought of it continuing for another three months.

If you love your Christmas Tree (and if it’s artificial) would you consider keeping it up an extra couple of months?

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A great wedding story

I’ve played the piano for countless weddings and funerals. A lot of them blend together, but a few stand out.

One particular wedding ceremony I looked up to see window decorations catch fire across the room from where I’m playing.

Now, this is an interesting predicament. It’s a sacred and quiet tone to the room, the sanctuary is filling up, and I’m playing prelude music.

At this moment, when I spot the decorations on fire, one might think – WHY DIDN’T YOU GO PUT THE FIRE OUT AS SOON AS YOU SAW IT?!

There’s nothing like the pianist quitting, dashing across the room to a pile of flames to upset the mood and draw heaps of attention to the burning decorations.

If I choose to leave my post, I’m going to jack up the whole mood of the wedding. I better be really sure about this move.

There aren’t many seconds in between the fire spotting and needing to make a decision about dashing across the room. Maybe 7 seconds. Maybe 6. Thankfully, someone else spotted it nearby and took action.

And most people never knew…because the pianist remained steadfast. 😉

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Hug them more

I’ve been thinking a lot about hugging recently.

Who will you wish you hugged more when they’re gone?

I wrote names down today. I hope you do the same.

And now –> hug the people on your list every opportunity you can and create extra moments on top of that.

Run back for hugs, give two, hang on longer, be the last to let go…that kind of stuff.

Someday you’ll look back on this decision and be so grateful it was intentional.