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Long car rides

I recently took a long road trip with my three-year-old – about 15 hours. While we broke it up into two days, by the last hour of each, I was solidly ready to be done driving/sitting.

I brought a couple stuffed animals, a few figurines, and a book on the trip for my daughter to fluff around with in the backseat. Not sure how I thought that would take up 15 hours, but it did. We talked and laughed and told stories and ate snacks and sang and somehow the minutes turned to hours and we arrived at our destinations.

Sometimes when we start off on a long journey, it’s hard to see how we’ll end up at that big dream/goal we’re headed for. Quite simply, it’s one minute, one hour, one day at a time. It’s one conversation, one story, a laugh, a snack and one song at a time. Don’t forget that. Be present and enjoy each moment. The journey IS the destination on most journeys.

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Challenged and Victorious!

This past week was challenging and it made me grateful for the years of dedication to growing myself as a person.

Day by day, week by week, maybe even month by month, our personal growth might not be that noticeable. Incremental change day after day doesn’t look like much in the short term, but year by year we can look back at ourselves and see the leaps and bounds we’ve made.

Someone might ask if I was stressed this week. No, not really. But THAT is just it. Six months ago I would have flown off the handle several times. A year or two ago I would have lost my marbles completely. This past week I got a lot of practice keeping stress out of my veins. (And doesn’t it just feel like it’s in our veins when it gets in?!) And I DID keep it out!

I know how to identify triggers that set me off.
I know how to identify how I feel in my body.
I know how to sort through feelings.
I know how to kindly dismiss feelings after I’ve learned from them.
I know how to take care of myself during times of distress, discouragement, confusion, stress, frustration, disappointment, etc.
I know how to redirect my thoughts.
I know how to regain perspective on life when things get wonky.

Will I remember to deploy these things all the time and come out a stress-less victor? Nope, but I’m getting better every day.

I hope you are too. ❤

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It matters but it’s not a priority.

The more refined we’re looking to make our life, the bigger the goals and dreams, the more we’re going to have to parse out our priorities.

There are so many things that matter! And matter to us! And seriously not enough hours in the day!

It’s important to realize that something or someone can matter to us, but they don’t have to be a time or energy commitment.

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Look back in the past only long enough…

Look back in the past only long enough to learn from that situation, conversation or friendship. Don’t leave the door open for hours when you need only minutes to take the best lessons.

Regret feels gross.

It happens. We all do things we regret, but dwelling there? That’s for amateurs.

Open the door of regret, take a few strategic minutes to learn from your experience then get outta dodge.

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Are you ready?

Are you getting ready for your big moment or are you still planning on it coming? There’s a big difference.

While on a call with my mentor recently, she said, “Are you ready, Amy? The money will be there, that shouldn’t be a concern at all. You’ve got to BE READY!” Me, my mind, my knowledge, my skills, my character, me. I need to be ready. And I need to be busy about being ready for that now.

Be busy with your goals and dreams as if they’re imminent.

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What’s an early morning to you?

I’ve been waking up significantly earlier the last couple of weeks.

As I am breaking through this paradigm of what is early and what’s not, I realize how much of that is something I unknowingly programmed in my mind over the last several years.

4am is only a number. And all the numbers are relative to when I go to bed.

4am isn’t early if I get to bed at 8pm or 9pm. (It’s terribly early if I don’t get to bed until 4am.)

What’s an early morning to you? Where did you come up with that idea?

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A great wedding story

I’ve played the piano for countless weddings and funerals. A lot of them blend together, but a few stand out.

One particular wedding ceremony I looked up to see window decorations catch fire across the room from where I’m playing.

Now, this is an interesting predicament. It’s a sacred and quiet tone to the room, the sanctuary is filling up, and I’m playing prelude music.

At this moment, when I spot the decorations on fire, one might think – WHY DIDN’T YOU GO PUT THE FIRE OUT AS SOON AS YOU SAW IT?!

There’s nothing like the pianist quitting, dashing across the room to a pile of flames to upset the mood and draw heaps of attention to the burning decorations.

If I choose to leave my post, I’m going to jack up the whole mood of the wedding. I better be really sure about this move.

There aren’t many seconds in between the fire spotting and needing to make a decision about dashing across the room. Maybe 7 seconds. Maybe 6. Thankfully, someone else spotted it nearby and took action.

And most people never knew…because the pianist remained steadfast. 😉