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Enter the day with this…

What if we entered every day with the wonder and anticipation of who might cross our path that we could encourage and uplift?

We would go about our day to day with an observant eye and a sympathetic heart.

Imagine if I did that every day.
Imagine if you did that every day.
Imagine if everyone did that every day…what kind of days would we have. 

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Use your momentum!

I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of momentum.

When we’re stuck, it takes a lot of inertia to get us unstuck, and often we slow up our momentum as soon as we get unstuck. Maybe because we’re tired or maybe because we pause to celebrate. There’s a lot of lost energy in doing that though.

Next time we’re stuck and gather up the energy to get unstuck, let’s stay with the movement and energy long after we’re unstuck.

The momentum that’s created by getting unstuck could carry us much farther than we’ve previously let it. Use it!


The things I never thought I’d say

Being a parent provides plenty of opportunity to say things I never thought I’d say. “No, we don’t eat soap.” “Please don’t put lasagna in your hair.” Things like that. There are more ridiculous ones, but none come to mind right now.

If you’re a parent you know what I’m talking about. Something comes out of your mouth and you think, really?? Have I come to this? Did I just say that?

It’s hilarious.

On another note, there are enough times we say something we shouldn’t. That’s not the same as saying something we never thought we’d say. But it could be. Try to mitigate the former as much as possible.

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The couch requires commitment

I sat on the couch reading for quite some time. I had to get up and do something, and when I came back to my living room, I opted for an arm chair instead.

The minute I sat down I realized how much less commitment a chair requires than a couch!

As soon as I give myself over to the couch, it’s as if I am committing to fall down, sink in, and lay back. It’s hard to sit on a couch without doing all three.

We should be aware of the subtle commitments we make when saying yes to that one thing.

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The applesauce beast

There are tasks that seem like day-long projects when in reality they take an hour or two.

One hour and twenty minutes was the exact time it took to make a homemade batch of applesauce. I cut the apples, cooked them, and put them through the food mill and finished in such a short time!

I had it in my mind that making applesauce was a day long project, but it took about 20 minutes of actual work, and an hour and twenty minutes of total time from start to finish including the apples cooking on the stove.

I hope you’re inspired to make some applesauce, or dig into another project you’ve mentally marked as a day-long project rather than only taking two hours.

I wonder how many “big” projects from our lists aren’t as big as we’ve made them out to be?

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I’m on autopilot

A friend recently reached the awareness that she’s on autopilot.

All of life is programmed and systematized. There’s little feeling or emotion about anything. It’s all about getting to the next thing, and then the next thing, and then the next.

Her awareness of this is wonderful. It’s the best first step.

Are you on autopilot? Are you just doing the next thing, and then the next thing, and then the next thing? Do you feel life? Are you experiencing life, or is it just happening and you’re part of it?