We’re all fighters

Life is tough. Sure, maybe your life isn’t tough this minute on this day, but there’s a lot of tough stuff that happens during the course of our life.

It’s a wonderful thing we’re all not curled up in the fetal position laying in the corner of our living room because of the tough stuff we’ve had to go through.

If you’ve lost a loved one, that’s tough. (Not to dishonor or make light of it by using “tough.”)
If you’ve struggled to sleep, that’s tough.
If you’ve struggled with sickness, pain, broken or sprain, that’s tough.
If you’ve struggled with school, tests, grades, fitting in, sports, or being bullied, that’s tough.
If you’ve struggled with eating, not eating, wondering what you should eat, when and how much, and why you ate, that’s tough.
If you’ve struggled with relationships, communication, feeling disconnected, worthless, useless or vulnerable, that’s tough.
If you’ve had to cut down a tree in your front yard and haul the brush, that’s tough.
If you’ve planted a garden and hoed it by hand, that’s tough.
If your car breaks and you’re underneath it for 3 hours, that’s tough.

Varying degrees of toughness, but you get the idea.

Life is full of not-easy, not-enjoyable stuff. A lot of it is downright painful.

But we’re here. You’re here. You’ve got internet service or Verizon reception, apparently.
You aren’t in Syria.
You probably have running water and food, which is more than a lot of the world can say.
There are probably one or two people who like to see your face every day.

Give yourself a break. Realize all the fight you’ve given to be in the place you are today in relatively good standing. Recognize the fight left in you. You’ll need it. There’s more tough stuff to maneuver through.

And when you pass that stranger today, please smile. They’re going through their tough thing right now, and could really use your smile to reassure them that they’ve got this.


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When did I/we stop loving on strangers?

While at the mall recently, my 18 month old heard a crying baby across the food court. She moved a few feet so she could get a better view.

I could tell she was being pulled so I asked her if she wanted to go see if he was okay.

“Yep,” and she marched ahead.

As she approached the stroller, he stopped crying.

When she got to the stroller they were face to face. She leaned in, he leaned in toward her, and they exchanged the sweetest little babe kiss.

They looked at each other for another minute.

She backed up, waved good-bye, and turned to leave.

I was holding back tears as we walked away. Yes, for the beautiful display of love and care, but more for the lesson I was learning.

When did I stop caring about strangers? When did I stop making sure hurting people were okay, even if I didn’t know them?

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What does sharing turn into when we become adults?

Remember “sharing” as a kid? We had to share toys, crayons and raisins. Almost anything we had, we had to share, really.

Fast forward.

We’re adults now. And do we share? RARELY.

Who needs to share when I can buy you one for yourself? And so it goes.

Sharing becomes generosity as we age.

Have we lost something because we aren’t sharing much anymore though?

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Lessons on friendship from a country song

There’s a line in a country song, “when someone you know becomes someone you knew…” The song goes on to have its own purpose, but I got caught with that line.

It happens. To all of us.

There are rare exceptions of people locking in a best friend for life and never letting go. Those relationships are rare.

More common are the changes in friendship that happen because of time constraints, different stages in life, geographic locations and changing interests.

What happens when our minds understand all the reasons for fizzling friendships, but our hearts don’t accept them?

What happens “when someone you know becomes someone you knew,” and it’s not what you wanted?

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Perspectives from a silo floor

I remember the first time I was in a silo.

I walked inside and was expecting a dark, dank tin box and was overwhelmed when I stepped in and looked up.

The sun was beaming in the top through lots of corn dust floating through the air, it smelled amazing, and it was huge! I didn’t realize just how big it was until inside. To this day every time I drive by a silo I think of how small it looks from the road and how big the view is from the silo floor.

While standing in that silo I felt safe, warm and taken care of. I could stay dry, have a comfortable place to sleep and have enough corn to last a lifetime. I didn’t expect to have any emotional connection to the silo, but again, the perspective changes from the silo floor.

What’s your silo floor? What’s that place that you were expecting to be a dark, dank tin box that was full of amazement when you went in? Maybe it’s a physical place – a hammock, a lake, a path through the woods. Maybe it’s a person. Maybe you thought they were just a plain Jane, but then you built a friendship or relationship and you feel safe, warm and taken care of with them. Maybe it’s a book and every time you open it’s pages you get lost in the wonder of it.

Be sure to visit your silo floor every now and then. If it’s that good for your soul, you shouldn’t be too long without it.

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Do you need to clean your bathtub?

I find it interesting that of all the things to clean in a house, a bathtub is often one of the most neglected. The shower/bathtub is used multiple times a day in most households.

I think we forget about it because we can pull the curtain closed and it’s not seen by visitors.

What’s dirty or ugly in your life that needs to be cleaned? What is easier to pull the curtain over because others won’t know if it’s clean or not?

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What’s your form of whining?

I dare say most of us, if not all, “whine.”

We have our own versions of whining. Don’t we?

What’s yours?

Sarcasm? Negative statements? Picking out the worst in others? Sharing what’s not right, not working, not fun, not easy, not ideal?