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Hug them more

I’ve been thinking a lot about hugging recently.

Who will you wish you hugged more when they’re gone?

I wrote names down today. I hope you do the same.

And now –> hug the people on your list every opportunity you can and create extra moments on top of that.

Run back for hugs, give two, hang on longer, be the last to let go…that kind of stuff.

Someday you’ll look back on this decision and be so grateful it was intentional.

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The “worst” moments are the ones worth telling.

Everyone wants a perfect wedding. No one is hoping for unplanned bloopers. Ironically, the best stories to tell after a wedding are the stories about the bloopers.

I had a beautiful wedding; perfect weather, fabulous photos, great food, but somehow, I ended up walking down the aisle in silence. No music. Just, well, just me and Papa walking down the aisle. It was epic.

We had a gorgeous fruit board at our wedding but I never talk about that. The fun story to tell is that I walked down the aisle in silence, which would have been horrifying to think of the day prior to my wedding.

Life is full of these moments that seem to go awry, but those are the ones of which we tell our stories.

Next time that “worst” moment of the event happens – just remember, you’ve got your story now.

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What does fear feel like to you?

What does fear feel like?

What does fear feel like for you?

What might fear feel like for you that you’ve not considered?

I once heard someone say, “hesitation is fear.” I’m not sure I fully agree with that statement, but it got me thinking about what things I experience that could be fear wearing a sneaky mask.

I think curiosity can be fear. Even wonder.

Someone could beautifully wonder what it would be like to be world-class tango dancer, all the while keeping the dream at bay…wondering. FEAR. Not always, but sometimes.

Curiosity is a close kin to that.

How much has curiosity kept you from moving ahead? Could that be fear?

Take a few minutes to think about how fear is lurking around your life.

Then kick it to the curb. 🙂

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How do you handle tough circumstances?

How do you handle tough circumstances?

Do you melt?
Get aggressive?
Walk away?
Drive away?
Stomp around?
Scream in a pillow?
Clean your kitchen?
Clean your garage?

Whatever you’ve identified that you’re doing – is it serving you? Your spouse? Your kids?

Although circumstances get tough, it’s not a right to handle them however we feel like it. Make sure it’s healing, helpful and constructive for everyone.

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Sand in my daughter’s eyes

My daughter informed me that someone threw sand in her eyes today and that’s why she got sick.

She lacks cause and effect correlation at age 2 which is obvious by this story.

I hope age brings about maturity for her in this area, but I’ve heard many adults with poor cause/effect correlation. Growth and adulthood aren’t guarantees for a proper understanding between cause and effect.

What do I mean?

When women say they’re exhausted after chasing a two-year-old around all day… chasing a two-year-old isn’t what makes parenting a two-year-old exhausting, it’s the mental game of constant evaluation, decision-making, and intrinsic awareness of another human being that is exhausting.

When someone doesn’t bundle up when they go outside to get the mail, come down with a cold two days later and blame their two-minute waltz down the driveway for the illness. Sickness comes from viruses or bacteria – not from the cold air.

I think you get the point.

Until we understand cause and effect, we’ll have a hard time fixing something that’s wrong because we will associate the wrong effect with the wrong cause and aim to fix an effect for which we haven’t identified the correct cause.

We need to understand what effect comes from what cause in order to properly and effectively fix it.

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Have you lost your mojo?

Mojo hums.

If you’ve ever had mojo and know what I’m talking about, you know that it really and truly hums inside. Almost as if it reverberates inside. It’s remarkable.

And it’s nearly impossible to have all the time.

If you’ve gone through periods where your mojo has been quiet for a long time, it’s hard to imagine it’s still in there. But it is. Trust me.

And someday soon it will be humming again.

If your mojo humming has been quiet recently – spend time thinking about what makes your mojo hum. Hard to get it back if you don’t know what it’s connected to.