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Me, you, them, us

Yes. Me, you, them, we, us, everybody, anybody, anyone, everyone.

Because people are fighting for a specific identity in interesting ways, we have more factions in America than ever before.

We’re all a close step away from contributing to the drama unless we spend our time considering all our similarities.

Next time we’re tempted to consider our differences, stop and consider the similarities first. That’s really the kind of world we all want to live in. 

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Who knows your potential but you and your Creator?

I’ve looked at several people and thought – Wow! You’re at the top of your game! But they’re only 42 with another 40+ years to go at life. Of course they aren’t at the top of their game.

I’ve looked at others, sadly, and thought, oh, this is your best?

We’re pretty bad judges of each other’s potential.

You don’t know mine and I don’t know yours.

There have been moments when people came to share praise of my work or efforts and inside I knew I only delivered at 70% of capacity. Because I could. And get away with it.

I’ve fumbled around with the fear of REALLY showing up at 100% capacity. 100% me. Full throttle. All the way. Not, 70% because that’s “good enough,” or what other people are used to, or quite frankly, comfortable with. But really and truly showing up at my max capacity.

As I’ve spent more time considering this for myself and others, it compels me to show up at max capacity all the more. At this point, I’m daring myself to do this day in and day out, in every situation, every conversation, every action and thought. Now that I’m starting to push my comfort zone we’ll see what this capacity of mine is capable of. It’s terrifying.

What’s the alternative? Living half alive? Half revved? Half baked? Half real? Come on. I wasn’t born for that.

And neither were you. 

Soul thoughts

The wonder of it all

What if we took in our current world through the eyes of our great great grandparents?

What if we took in our current world through the eyes of someone currently living in a hut in Kenya?

Gratefulness. That’s what. We’d realize just how incredibly blessed we are with what we have.

Spend more time being grateful. 

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Interaction Intention

What would change if we set an intention for every interaction with our spouse?
Our kids?
Our friends?
Our parents?
Our brother? Sister?
Our neighbors?

We’d level up. That’s what would happen.

If I decided to be heaps of fun each time before I interacted with my little one, we’d have a lot more fun. Guaranteed.

What intentions do you need to set with those you interact with to level up your relationships? 

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How do you love yourself in ways that actually hurt?

While attending a conference recently I realized one way people think they are loving themselves is by “rewarding” themselves with food.

Good job, self! You worked hard today! Sweet treats and a sugary Starbucks drink for you!!

Meanwhile, everything consumed out of love was detrimental to the body.

We reward ourselves with app time.

Good, job, self! You just crushed a tough meeting! Take a break and go for a good scroll!

Meanwhile, of all the minutes clocked scrolling, it’s added heaps of visual information to your already full mind.

You get the point. I don’t need to drown you with examples.

What ways are you “loving” yourself that aren’t actually very loving? 

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Meet great people

Being an ambivert, both introverted and extroverted, I’ve vacillated between periods of extensive outreach/networking and hibernation. As any true ambivert would testify, both are good and healthy. 😉

Whatever state I’m in, if I meet a great person, I never regret it.

People are a treasure, an investment. We would all do well to meet a stranger in the next week to expand our understanding of the world.

Get to it!

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Challenged and Victorious!

This past week was challenging and it made me grateful for the years of dedication to growing myself as a person.

Day by day, week by week, maybe even month by month, our personal growth might not be that noticeable. Incremental change day after day doesn’t look like much in the short term, but year by year we can look back at ourselves and see the leaps and bounds we’ve made.

Someone might ask if I was stressed this week. No, not really. But THAT is just it. Six months ago I would have flown off the handle several times. A year or two ago I would have lost my marbles completely. This past week I got a lot of practice keeping stress out of my veins. (And doesn’t it just feel like it’s in our veins when it gets in?!) And I DID keep it out!

I know how to identify triggers that set me off.
I know how to identify how I feel in my body.
I know how to sort through feelings.
I know how to kindly dismiss feelings after I’ve learned from them.
I know how to take care of myself during times of distress, discouragement, confusion, stress, frustration, disappointment, etc.
I know how to redirect my thoughts.
I know how to regain perspective on life when things get wonky.

Will I remember to deploy these things all the time and come out a stress-less victor? Nope, but I’m getting better every day.

I hope you are too. ❤