The most important $13

The most important $13 is the first $13 of revenue from your project or business. It’s real.  You did it. You made a sale.

I remember my first puny royalty check from writing Organize Shmorganize. It was $2.43. Alright! LOL I felt like they should have saved up 6 months of checks and mailed them at once. Save on postage or something.

But that $2.43 made it real. I wrote a book and someone purchased it. I didn’t know them. They saw my book and found value in it all on their own.

Don’t miss the big wins because they come in small numbers.


Just for the heck of it

Taking off

Sprints. Take offs in sprints are exhilarating. It’s the moment when a thought becomes an action and all inhibition is released. All reservation is released into a rush of adrenaline.

The thing we’ve been planning and picturing comes to life.

When was the last time you took off in a sprint?

In life…

In business…


“He’s one hell of an amateur”

I burst out laughing when I heard this.

Inept, unskillful, bumbling…an amateur.

For all new projects and ventures of life, let’s do our best to get out of the amateur phase as quickly as possible. This really should only be said of us on day 1. Not day 200.

Got me? If you’re still an amateur after 1 month on a project, there’s definitely something wrong.



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Where’s your fire pit?

Sometimes the thing that actually inspires us to reach a goal isn’t what we think should inspire us. 

Several months ago I set goals for the quarter. As I started toward the deadline, I felt unmotivated to reach the goals even though I knew they were great goals. 

I sat down and wrote out what I thought was motivating my drive to the goal (“should” inspire me ), and then I got real with myself. 

I wrote down what was actually motivating me to reach the goal. 

It’s hard to stoke flames if you aren’t at the fire pit.  

fire pit

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Group sneeze

That would be cool, wouldn’t it? If everyone in your workplace all sneezed at the same time.

Imagine the force exerted in those 2 seconds! And the endorphins!

I’m wondering what it takes to get a group sneeze worked up? How would you motivate a group of people to have a lightning burst of energy that executed something incredible? Can it be done?

I love sneezing.


And if you want some good laughs. Check out what Google images has for sneeze pics. haha

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I intervene.

The word “intervene” is remarkable. It holds the idea of thoughtful, purposed, determined, caring and championing another for their best.

I sat across from a woman at a conference a couple weeks ago acting as a mentor.

She probed about my businesses to get a picture for what it does and where it’s going, what I do, what I want to do and where I want to go.  I was giving good professional answers. “I want Givily to have X customers in this market by X time.” You know, those answers. After a few answers to her questions that weren’t wrong, but definitely not right, she rephrased the question again and it finally came out in that well-fine-if-you-must tone.

“I want to be the first female in history to purchase an NFL team.”

Her hand slammed down on the table and she lit up, “Now, that’s what I was waiting to hear. I knew something was in there.”

She went on to give encouragement, guidance, inspiration and direction on getting there. “All I ask is to have a ticket to a game. Maybe a box or something.”

[Yes, my eyes threatened to puddle a few times during this short conversation but I held it together.]

But the moment that really took my breath away was when I stood up to leave and asked Jan to describe exactly what she does for people.

“I hear people’s dreams and make them happen. I intervene.” 

I hope we get as clear about our purpose and abilities as Jan.


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From little decisions come great things

Little decisions aren’t really that little.

It may seem like attending that one meeting, volunteering to help a friend or reaching out to a new association in your field of work is just a little decision. In fact, these little decisions are the exact things that have lead us down the path to our goals and dreams, that have provided new jobs, new friends, relocations and giant leaps in our personal and professional lives.

It’ll be great when we realize big and great things come from “little decisions.”

little decisions



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Stamp the germs

In classic Bill Belichick (Patriots Head Coach) dry guy, he tells the press, “I can’t see the germs. If I could, we’d stamp them out.”

Aside from the press asking stupid questions, this moment is priceless as Belichick states the obvious straight-faced.

If we knew what was about to bite us in the butt, we’d surely stamp it out too. But our issues and pitfalls are much like the germs – we can’t see them until it’s too late.