The joy is in the journey, remember?

Driving hard, chasing goals, meeting deadlines and….YOU MAKE IT! The thing you were chasing has become reality!

Highly disappointing that it feels unreal.

Yes, we are reminded again that the joy is IN the journey, not the destination.




Does 1 degree really make a difference?

One of the elements of the 60 to 1 rule states that if I’m 1 degree off of my intended destination for 60 minutes at 60 miles an hour, I will end up 1 mile off of course. Yikes!

1 degree makes a difference. A solid handshake, eye contact, sincere interest, tight hugs, exact numbers, legitimate receipts. 

You can hide 1 degree now, but not in 60 miles, 60 hours, 60 days or 60 years.

Fight for that 1 degree. It makes all the difference.

Soul thoughts


Don’t forget to enjoy what today holds. This day creates the destination.

Ever lived for the weekend, the next party, the next big milestone of life, the next stage, the next holiday? String too much of these together and we glaze over our own life!

The joy is in the journey.