People are pretty terrible at communicating.

Anchor into intention, let go of delivery.

We get overly sensitive and easily gnarled with communication delivery rather than considering the intent of the messenger.

Translate those comments of guidance and directives as care and support. Translate those comments of concern as love. Translate those comments of instruction as wanting you to be successful.

Anchor into intention, let go of delivery.


Soul thoughts

You probably need that, you just don’t know.

50 minutes with an online chat gal who is there to “assist me with any concerns or problems” made me even more frustrated.

It’s a really good practice to find out where a person actually is before firing off advice and directions. I was just hoping someone who was getting a pay check for this would have had an edge on it. Nah.

And while I’m at it, if anyone needs an online chat concierge service, this one rocks. And if you don’t know if you need one, you probably do because you’re missing out on customers. Unless, of course, you’re at your computer 24/7. I’m guessing you try to sleep a few hours. Better check it.


Just for the heck of it

Deep frozen

“Keep deep frozen” was on a package in my freezer.

If this piece of info is so important it shouldn’t be written in fine print CAPITAL bold letters. I’m sorry. That message confuses me. READ HERE! Your item will perish if you don’t follow these instructions…barely distinguishable by the human eye.

Product labels are often a wonderful place to find entertainment. This is one of my faves.