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Swing wide

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to pull a trailer, boat or camper behind a vehicle, you know the importance of swinging wide. Swing wide around corners and turns and we don’t go over curbs or rip off the hoods of other vehicles. (always good for excitement, but relatively inconvenient.)

The key to swinging wide is remembering we’re hauling something.

If we’re carrying an extra large load on our shoulders, burdened a bit more than usual, remember to swing wide…avoid getting too close to “curbs” and mangling innocent bystanders.

And the flip side, if someone forgets to swing wide while hauling their trailer of heavy burdens, let’s put the car in reverse, back it up from the intersection and give a little grace as they take the turn.


Character · Soul thoughts

Waiting is more painful

“Waiting is more painful than having what you fear on board.”

As humans, it seems our hearts and bodies are strong and resilient, more so than our minds.

Waiting and wondering if our fear will become reality is often far worse than the actual reality and having to work through the muck of it. There are exceptions of course, but few.

And what truth is wrapped up in feared realities being “on board.”



Character · Soul thoughts

Construction ended. Thanks for your patience.

This was suggested as a headstone: “Construction ended. Thanks for your patience.”

Two things I particularly love about this.

  1. We’re under construction all throughout our lives and should expect it to look as such.
  2. The people closest to us undoubtedly deserve recognition and praise for their patience with us.

I wanted to quit with 9,875 to go.

I completed my gym’s challenge of 10,000 kettlebell swings recently.

I am proud of myself, but probably not for what seems obvious. This wasn’t a feat of physical prowess. It was a test of patience and perseverance. I wanted to quit after 125 swings.

Real character was forged in the 9,875 swings and I’m better for it.

What are the 9,875 swings you have left before the goal?

Keep swinging.



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Patience comes through the answer

I had a really good reason for having 3 boxes of protein bars in my small cart. For the passers-by, I wondered if they wanted to ask if I liked protein bars. I mean, 36 mega protein bars is a bit intense and I had half of a mind to hold up my grapefruit,  bananas and oatmeal so everyone would sense some normalcy.

Our choices are justified in our own mind whether others understand or not. This is why the crazy woman driver thinks nothing of her seemingly poor choice to pull out in front of you slowly. This is why a child screams at the top of their lungs in a grocery store, embarrassing you and them. They wanted those lucky charms, you know. That’s why teenage girls dress in clothing that makes them look cheap and usable. Doesn’t the outfit attract attention?

We’re quick to ask, “why on earth would they do that?” but seldom think through the answer. Patience comes through the answer.


Heroes · Soul thoughts

Room to grow

We pride ourselves on being great…

  • at house-keeping until we sit down and see a pool of cobwebs in the corner of our living room,
  • at a sport until we can’t make our body perform the way it did yesterday,
  • at cooking until the house fills with smoke,
  • at laundry until we leave a wet load in the washer for two days,
  • at mowing until we hit a stump and break the mower deck,
  • at golf until we swing and completely miss,
  • at singing until we wake up with a chest cold,
  • at social skills until we express our true thoughts and offend,
  • at caring for children until we yell at them,
  • at academics until we can’t stand a class and fail two tests in a row,
  • at delegating until we find out we’re viewed as bossy,
  • at reading until we lose our sight,
  • at loving until we don’t feel like it,
  • at knitting until the arthritis makes it impossible,
  • at work until someone younger and cheaper takes our place,
  • at being creative until we sit in a room with no ideas,
  • at writing until we can’t think of a thing to write,
  • at teaching until we realize our students aren’t learning, just copying,
  • at driving until we run a red light and create an accident,
  • at grocery shopping until we can’t stay within budget,
  • at attending church until we realize there’s more to it,
  • at ice skating until our weak ankles and bruised knees can’t take it anymore,
  • at volleyball until a hot-shot freshman joins the team,
  • at leadership until we turn around and there isn’t anyone following,
  • at eating healthy until we go to a party with cheesecake,
  • at exercising until we workout hard enough that we’re sore the next day,
  • at sleeping until we have a baby,
  • at patience until we’re not,
  • at going against the flow until we have a difficult choice and pick the easy way out,
  • at being positive until we can’t stand the snow any longer and tell everyone about it,
  • at listening until we realize we don’t know what’s going on with our friend,
  • at observing until we’re blind-sided,
  • at sympathy until we tell someone to “suck it up.”

Even in our “greatness” we have moments of failure. These moments are reality checks that push us to reach new heights. Don’t get bogged down with failures, but acknowledge they happen and move on.