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Where’s your fire pit?

Sometimes the thing that actually inspires us to reach a goal isn’t what we think should inspire us. 

Several months ago I set goals for the quarter. As I started toward the deadline, I felt unmotivated to reach the goals even though I knew they were great goals. 

I sat down and wrote out what I thought was motivating my drive to the goal (“should” inspire me ), and then I got real with myself. 

I wrote down what was actually motivating me to reach the goal. 

It’s hard to stoke flames if you aren’t at the fire pit.  

fire pit

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How long is your runway?

How long is your runway? Where do your resources run out?

You’ve got a jet barreling down the runway (craft project, hobby, business), when does it need to take off before it’s too late? – – financially, emotionally, mentally? Pilots always know how long their runway is and when lift is essential. We should do the same.




Just for the heck of it

Where do you spend your thoughts?

It is decidedly difficult to reflect on the past, live fully in the present and plan for the future.

The difficulty makes us spend most of our thought in one area rather than pushing to host all three.

Where do you spend your thoughts? Past, present or future?


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When someone truly loves us, it’s not manipulative to tell them…

Isn’t it wonderful when someone communicates just the right way that we feel the magic of their love! Maybe that’s a hug, a forearm squeeze or a gentle hand on our back. Maybe that love is communicated through words. Maybe it’s time.

It’s really nice when that love just happens, communicates so purely and reaches our deepest need.

The caveat: Who really knows how we want love communicated in the moment but us.

It seems manipulative and choreographed to tell those we love how we need to be loved.

Our options: convey our need for love and how we would like it communicated, or hope someone thinks of it on their own. We can have higher expectations if we go with the first option. Definitely lower your expectations on the latter. It’s pretty much a crap shoot at that point.

And when someone truly loves us, it’s not manipulative to tell them how to best love us.