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I was in a video game

While on a recent trip, I rented a Mustang. This is a rare occasion for me as I’m usually into renting the smallest and cheapest option available.

While driving the ‘stang along windy roads I said, “it’s like I’m in a video game.” And it was. Or I made it that way with proper steering and acceleration.

We tell ourselves a lot of stories and these stories become our reality.

Be careful.


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Waiting is more painful

“Waiting is more painful than having what you fear on board.”

As humans, it seems our hearts and bodies are strong and resilient, more so than our minds.

Waiting and wondering if our fear will become reality is often far worse than the actual reality and having to work through the muck of it. There are exceptions of course, but few.

And what truth is wrapped up in feared realities being “on board.”