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Is it worth coming in last? Let’s check with a Red Lantern Winner.

The Red Lantern is awarded yearly to the Man and his Team who finish last in the Iditarod. This honors commitment and tenacity to reach the finish line. (Iditarod – 1150 miles of crazy terrain in Alaska with a man, a sled and his dogs)

Someone was awarded the Red Lantern upon reaching the finish line after 32 days on the course.

The typical race time is 9-10 days.

Maybe you shot out of the starting gate thinking you were going to cross the finish line, project completion or business launch in “9-10 days.” Here you are at day 27 sitting in puddles of frustration, disappointment and embarrassment.

The goal is to finish, to complete, to cross the finish line regardless of whether it’s day 10 or 32.

Get back on your sled and finish the race.


Soul thoughts

Hijacks, escape routes and being unjustly imprisoned

Yes, I’m one of those people that considers how to hijack an armored truck and the escape routes of public places I’m in.

Somehow having a memorized hymn for every letter of the alphabet soothes me as I think of being unjustly imprisoned in a third world country. Maybe I’ll never need this, maybe I will.

What’s more interesting is how little we have memorized. We don’t need to because we’re so connected to the internet. Until we’re not.

What would you know and rehearse if you didn’t have access to the world at your fingertips?