Just for the heck of it

Taking off

Sprints. Take offs in sprints are exhilarating. It’s the moment when a thought becomes an action and all inhibition is released. All reservation is released into a rush of adrenaline.

The thing we’ve been planning and picturing comes to life.

When was the last time you took off in a sprint?

In life…

In business…


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Did you set the tape?

It’s great to watch runners fly down the lane, isn’t it? They always know where they’re headed. Always racing to that finish tape.

Do you know what outcome you’re racing to? It’s hard to know if you never set the tape.

Just for the heck of it

“Who is this?”

I answer my phone, “hello.”

“Who is this?”

I should have been quicker and answered something like, “the person you called.” Clearly the person on the other end of my phone isn’t very tech savvy…or socially savvy.

Don’t look ridiculous because you didn’t stop for two seconds to gather essential facts.

…And if someone calls you and asks such a ridiculous question, please be quicker with wit than yours truly.