Character · Tea

A true tea person

In fact I am, among other things.

What is said of you? What “true” person are you?

A true gentleman?

A true sweetheart?

A true beauty?

Are you strong enough in one thing to be dubbed “a true” one?


Character · Soul thoughts

Strong opinion on snails

How can one have a strong opinion on snails?

Some things are not worth having a strong opinion on.

And some things are worth having a strong opinion on.

Know the difference, know what’s important to you and spend your efforts accordingly.



Character · Soul thoughts

Waiting is more painful

“Waiting is more painful than having what you fear on board.”

As humans, it seems our hearts and bodies are strong and resilient, more so than our minds.

Waiting and wondering if our fear will become reality is often far worse than the actual reality and having to work through the muck of it. There are exceptions of course, but few.

And what truth is wrapped up in feared realities being “on board.”




Functional strength

Having strength is great, but better to have functional strength. You know, the kind that’s readily accessible outside the confines of a gym.

It’s great to be kind and courtesy at work, but what happens when we leave?

Functional strength isn’t relegated to biceps and your local fitness facility.


Scale up

While watching a workout demo video the instructor made a statement about the workout calling for a certain pound dumbell. He didn’t have that particular weight, but he did have weights 5lbs heavier and 5lbs lighter. “I always scale up so we’ll use the heavier weight for this workout.”

If you’ve used dumbells, you know a heavier weight ups the intensity of the workout. SCALE UP. His rule, given an option of lighter or heavier weight, is to always choose the heavier, more intense, more difficult route.

This is a tenacious rule, but he’s an incredible athlete and the results of this choice are obvious.

Scale up. Scale up our work ethic, healthy eating habits, kindness, relaxation, thinking, dreaming and relationships. The results will be obvious.