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That scar of yours…

Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Did you know that? Scientific fact.

Unfortunately, when we’re hurt inside we’re often too raw to attend to ourselves and we don’t want anyone near the wound. We push it aside, ignore it and don’t let it heal properly.

Oh, but if we could only tend the wound properly then we’d find ourselves stronger than before.

I know we don’t like scars, but maybe if we saw them from a different light…


Soul thoughts

A tribute to stutterers

I’m fascinated with stuttering.

Stuttering – when people repeat, draw out, not complete, or skip words or sounds without meaning to. They say it happens when the brain is not able to send and receive messages in the normal way.

How beautiful.

How beautiful that the man or woman isn’t condemned to silence. How beautiful the strength of someone who knowingly stutters and pushes through anyway. They fight for connection, communication and understanding more than we will ever know.

How beautiful.

The next time you’re in the presence of someone stuttering, give them an unhurried safe space to communicate.

And maybe, just maybe, stuttering is part of our world to help us slow down and hear things we may otherwise miss in normal conversation.


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What happens when the team knows the goal?

I recently ran a Tough Mudder race which I’ll use as hearty fodder for this blog. (There’s a lot of time to think while you’re covering 12 miles.)

The first obstacle was getting over a series of hay bails. I don’t have ups like Lebron so I was grateful my running partner and I could help each other up and over. It only took one hay bail before we got a system. Our progress depended on getting an intelligent and workable plan in place quickly.

It happened in 15 seconds when the need was imperative with little discussion. The goal was obvious.

What heights can be accomplished when our team knows the goal!

Soul thoughts

How to prevent a rolled ankle in life and business

It’s not the core muscles that get worn out on a trail run – it’s the stabilizer muscles. You know, the little muscles that keep everything balanced and together so our ankles don’t roll.

What are your stabilizer muscles in life… A cup of coffee, a great conversation with a friend, a nap, a walk?


Fast Listener

That’s the best way I can describe her – a fast listener.

She was fully engaged in the conversation, excited, talking fast, and in fact, so hungry for more info that when I was half way through answering one of her questions (enough for her to understand my answer) she was asking the next question.

Listening isn’t about understanding just enough to move on to the next thought or question. True listening gives space to the person talking and acknowledges the value you have on what they are saying, in whatever way they choose to say it, regardless of how many words it takes to deliver.

(I’m really not that long and drawn out. Honest!)