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Phoenix time

If it’s time to be like a Phoenix rising out of the ashes, take a deep breath followed by specific action.

The Phoenix rose out of the ashes. No one came and picked her up, or pulled her out. She decided to rise. And she did.


Just for the heck of it

What can we learn from the bovines?



One of my favorite things about cows is that they have no problem staring at something until they figure it out.

They aren’t deterred because of awkwardness. There’s no care of time as they stare.

Such a contrast to our society. I’m not sure we don’t have something to learn from the bovines.

Soul thoughts

When is that moment – the pinnacle of your existence?

I recently read a blog post from Steven Pressfield. In it he talks about a story telling legend. Hollywood wants to make a movie of this legend and he agrees by saying, ‘Okay, you can use me in the movie. But just promise me one thing. Promise me that you’ll give me one redeeming moment. Just one.’

Whitney Houston sang about a moment in time at the Grammy’s.

A redeeming moment – when the world is endeared to us. One moment in time – the pinnacle of our existence.

We’re each given a moment in time that’s the pinnacle of our existence – the highest of highs. Use whatever method of measurement you prefer.

When will that moment be for you? For me?

If you haven’t had it, will you know the moment while it’s happening?

And possibly the most important question of all, are you ready for that moment?



do the hard work

I recently made a list.

In the left column I listed the businesses and projects I’m working on.

In the right column I wrote the task that is the most difficult for that particular project…the real work.

It’s so easy to spend time doing things that keep us busy about our projects without doing the REAL WORK of the project. Usually the real work of the project is hard. Hard enough that we tend to avoid it.

It’s time to call our own bluff.

Get busy about real work.

hard work

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I drove myself to college

I couldn’t stand the thought of being left at college by my parents and preferred to do the leaving from home alone. I packed the car and drove out of the driveway by myself.

Thankfully my parents understood my willful spirit and recognized the inefficiency in driving 3 hours to help me unpack a car, only to drive back home.

There’s a lot I still remember about that day; the sky, the temperature, the music I heard, the speed I drove and even thoughts I churned over while crossing the pavement.

That drive is a marked period on my timeline.

What are the momentous markers on your timeline?

moment in time



Just for the heck of it

I don’t own a hair brush

I don’t own a comb or a hair brush. In fact, I haven’t used one in over a decade. (The odd normality of having curly hair.)

It sounds so un-hygienic to say I haven’t combed my hair in a decade! I feel like I’ll walk in front of the mirror and realize I’ve missed 3,000+ opportunities I CLEARLY should have taken.

But back to the odd normality. I could continue to use a hair brush because it seems like the normal thing to do. I would just be wasting my time.

What are we wasting our time on because it seems like something we should be doing?



Character · Soul thoughts

How do you allocate love?

How do you allocate love?

Do you allocate love by time? Gifts? Money? Effort? Intention? Focus? Priority? Communication? Openness? Fun?

When there’s more than one person in your life, how do you differentiate between those you love most and those you love a little less than that?


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What’s “on time” anyway?

I remember sitting in Fine Arts my first year of college, and my professor (who would come to be my father in law) said, “Some of you are so hijacked about graduating on time that you’ll miss some of the best parts of college because you’re so busy charging to that deadline. What is ‘on time’ anyway? For some of you it will be 4 years. Others of you it will be 5 years. Some, maybe even longer!”

I never forgot that.

What is “on time” and who decides?


Just for the heck of it

Twinkle, twinkle, what did you say that star was made of?

What makes a star? Hydrogen, gravity and time.

I thought about tweaking this to a life lesson, but really, that’s pretty cool just to know that the thing that twinkles in the sky and we hope shoots at just the right moment is made up of just three things; hydrogen, gravity and time.