• “My boss, Ken, told me this am that he loves the book, he called it “life changing” – he spent his holiday weekend cleaning out and organizing, he said he thought a lot about what you said about if you haven’t used it recently, get rid of it so he used that to decide what he didn’t want to keep. He sold something on craigslist for what he paid for it, he was happy about that! He said he really loved the way that you packed a lot into just a few words; he’s NOT a reader or writer, so that really worked for him.”

-Linda Lee

  • “When my wife tells me to get organized, I tell her that people who are organized are just too lazy to look for stuff. My kids tell her the floor is the biggest shelf in the whole house. So, as you can imagine, my family needed this book more than anyone. Thanks Amy for writing it! Now, if I can just figure out where to put it so I don’t lose it.”


  • “Large piles of crap used to be fun…not anymore.

I am not naturally an organized person. I am used to being able to stick my hand into a pile of stuff and pull out exactly what I need. That is, of course, if it’s where I left it last!

With an energetic little one in the house (and soon to be a second one as well), knowing where everything is, and finding it is becoming increasingly harder.

That’s where my good friend, Amy Kauffman has come to the rescue!

In her first book, Organize Shmorganize, Amy has taken her expertise as a wife, leader, and professional “Smorganizer” (my words, not hers :) ) to help those of us with a little                      less…well…organizational skill to create order out of perceived chaos.

She takes the brain work out of where common clutter-items should go, and isn’t afraid to tell you to do maybe the most important organizational act of them all – throwing stuff                  out! (Actually, she suggests giving it away first, but if nobody wants it,then throw it out!)

What sets Organize Shmorganize apart from any and all other books of its type is the call to action that comes from reading it. After my first time through, I felt a underlyingneed to clean up not only my own areas that I wreck on a daily basis (much to my wife’s dismay), but to help others out as well. I re-read the chapter on organizing the kitchen, and did                more dishes in 1 week than I may have done in my entire life prior (much to my wife’s joy)!

Let me cut to the chase – 2011 is coming, and you all know you have at least one (if not more) areas of your home that could use a little tidying up. I can testify from experience                   that when you free up physical space, it frees up mental space (less junk to worry about, less junk to worry about…and yes, you can quote me on that one!).

So take the time to get yourself a copy, and spend 40 minutes laughing and learning from one of the best. Your family will thank you for it! :)

  • “A must-read for anyone with clutter challenges. You’ll find something here, whatever level your organizing needs – lots, little, or somewhere in between. Combining tried-and-true practical advise with why-we-tend-to-get-disorganized insights, Amy will have you zipping through clutter, organizing to fit your life needs, and sailing through time-saving routines! Good-bye cynicism; with Amy’s help, you CAN get organized!”

Mary Chizmar, former active duty officer, United States Army and mother of rambunctious twins

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