Soul thoughts

Never underestimate the power of a good laugh.

I’m guilty of not laughing enough.

I realized this when I went on youtube the other day to find a short movie clip that would get me laughing. It’s worse that the scene is of a woman with parking lot rage. (Fried Green Tomatoes for the curious.)

Back to not laughing enough. It’s bad for my health! If you’re not laughing a lot, it’s bad for your health too! I’m not going to be your shrink and tell you how to get more humor in your life, but if you don’t laugh multiple times a day, figure out what makes you happy and prone to laughter and do more of that, be around more of that!

But seriously, if you haven’t seen the clip of Kathy Bates driving her car into another car repeatedly in a grocery store parking lot, you’re missing out. There’s something absolutely liberating about it. 

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