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We have much to learn

If you’re of the personality that isn’t 110% extroverted then it’s important to decompress after being with people. (Decompress/recharge)

My 10 month old gets this and seeks time by herself when we’ve been out. She settles in for a few minutes and hangs around when we first get in the door, then she cruises her little baby self to a room that’s vacant and plays by herself for 15-20 minutes before she seeks further engagement.

My autistic uncle has a people limit. He loves people, but when he reaches his threshold of interaction, he quietly slips away to a quiet corner and recharges. He’ll resurface for another round, but not until he’s recharged.

The beauty of both of these people is that they do what’s honoring to themselves to stay in a place of peace and comfort. They are uninhibited by social obligations.

We have much to learn.

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